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Village & P.O. Saroa,
Teh. Balachaur, Saheed Bhagat
Singh Nagar, Distt. Nawanshahr.
Email: info@shivalikemufarms.com
Mobile: +91-98786-80050

Shivalik Emu Farms is established in the year 2011 and Shivalik Agro Farms is established in the year of 2001 with the extreme effrots of Sh. Rakesh Kumar Bajarh in field area of 70 Acres. At Shivalik Emu Farms, Hatcheries and Breeding facilities of Emu bird are available. It is a innovative and fruitful commercial emu farming business.

Farmers in India are turning to EMU Farming. The profits earned by EMU Farming on an area of 1 acre is far more profitable than what can be earned from farm cultivation done similarly on an equal area. The dynamic growth of EMU business ensures employment opportunities for everyone, not only including small & large scale EMU farmers but, also everyone who plays a part in it. Market selling is expected to grow in the near future and investing at an early stage would be a wise decision to earn huge profits.   <more>
Emu The Emu Farming is best Business two main purposes.The first purpose is Breeding Birds - to increase the emu population, because of the high profits that can be made by selling adult emus as breeding birds.

The second purpose is slaughter Birds - to get the bi-products like Emu Meat, Emu Oil, Emu Bone, Emu Feathers, Emu Skin, Emu Nail. The emu meat, ready for shipments to restaurants, residential orders, worldwide markets and in the future, shipment to supermarkets. High quality leather from the emu's skin, and five to six liters of emu oil, which is currently being used in the cosmetic industry, will also be distributed. Additionally, the medical industry uses the oil for therapeutic rubbing oil, skin and facial moisturizing lotions and medical applications used for treating the skin of burn victims. <more>

Emu Farming Training

Emu Farming Training


Provide Productive Training
We Buy / Sell Emu & Its Products
We Buy / Sell Poplar & Turmeric
We have a Farms of 70 Acres
Turmeric cultivation Training
Poplar Nursery with Turmeric
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